My name is Chris Salvato, and I am one of those rare people who can say that I have had a profound effect on a company’s sales. I have worked with clients and employers to willingly separate customers from millions of dollars (aka boatloads of cash). And the customers usually think they are making out as the winner, too.

My current projects include expanding the product base for Eat. Move. Improve., a small niche company that focuses on bodyweight fitness products including Overcoming Gravity. I also work with a small niche biotechnology company called Ripple to increase their international sales of scientific products.

If you want to talk sales, I want to talk to you.

I love talking about sales and products, so just reach out to me at You can try me on Twitter (SalvatoChris), but I usually don’t check that for weeks at a time.

Free email advice on selling online and physical products:(1~2 emails a week.)